The electric car that charges itself. Isn’t that an incredible phrase to hear. Since the beginning, the dream of electric cars was not to worry about polluting so much the environment but also not paying or filling up on gas. And with the new age of Ev’s like the Tesla’s and Nissan’s they’ve moved to a charge at home. But the whole idea of light year one is to charge while driving so even on a long road trip you never have to stop recharge and wait… Its a car that will keep going. Now they have not gotten to that point but still it is one of the best ranges if not the best on an electric car up to date. This will end the discussion that electric cars don’t have enough range and that they are not good for road trips. Many are already saying that range is not an electric car problem but a gas one. Because you can charge at home you don’t have to worry about going out of your way for a gas station. And now you can charge anywhere under the sun.

Boasting to be able to go a minimum of 400 miles even with everything turned on and at night when it can not be charge by sunlight but if you try to maximize your battery use you can go up to 800 miles on one charge that’s incredible! With fast charging at normal charging stations. And charging in sunny parking lots. You can even reserve your Light Year One now at there website to help there mission. The car will cost you around 120 000 euros, 176 000 cad or 135 000 usd. You will eventually get your car in the 2021.

The company stated by creating there Light Year Prototype which they built for a competition. The goal was to have the vehicle that went the farthest using solar power technology. They won that competition. Later on they started designing the car and ended up with a fully modeled prototype now they have a test car and will start to manufacture soon the car of the future… Light Year One.

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