The RocketBook

A microwavable text book? Yea I know right you put it in the microwave to erase your notes and sketches if you get the wave. If you get the everlast series its erasable by wet cloth. But before you do you can scan the code at the bottom of the page to get the image in digital form. This is a revolutionary text book that wants to replace the throw away text books after you use it once. We are also out of the physical age and we’ve gone digital so if you like the feeling of a text book without drawing on a tablet. This is for you. They are also pretty cheap to 16$ for the smallest model.


Marketed towards students and class rooms but you can use it for any profession needing to sketch, draw or take notes. 

There is not much more to say then its an endlessly reusable note book for the price of around 30$

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