Wear Buds

Wear Buds the truly wireless ear bud charger watch? Yea, you read right this is a kikstarter that is boasting to be making a watch that doubles as a charger for truly wireless ear buds. 

This watch displays the time, text messages calls, heart rate and more. They call it a fitness watch so its not to replace half of your phone but to assist you in fitness and general life. IPX6 water-resistance and on wrist charging. Unbox Therapy quoted them as being Air Pods in his watch. randomfrankp said that they sounded ten times better then his air pods. Its a revolutionary milestone making a true true wireless ear buds instead of having to drag around this case that is impractical why not a watch?

_Hi-Fi sound quality

_Secure and comfortable

_Bluetooth 5_On wrist Charging

_Cvc mic

_Fitness Tracking

_IPX6 water resistance

_On wrist notifications

_Intuitive tap controls

Three colors

 _Glossy White

_Shiny Black

_Shiny White_

Limited Editions

_Shiny Mint

_Shiny Coral

500k goal version


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